This is not the Official Morgan Solar website.

If you’re looking for Morgan Solar’s website, you’re close, but not quite there. Follow the links if that’s what you wanted. This blog is really a personal solar energy blog, with a strong Morgan Solar emphasis. Maintaining an unofficial blog lets us talk about more off-topic things like solar politics, the solar industry, other companies and just random stuff.

When Nic launched the official blog (no longer in operation), he had an initial desire to have a little fun with it, to stick to a more casual style of blogging and posting.  He wanted to post cool stuff about the solar power industry as well as focused stuff about Morgan Solar.  However, it quickly became a distraction from the main purpose of an official blog – to talk about what we’re doing, the internal projects, the products and the company.  So, we turned the official Morgan Solar blog into a News section of the website, and moved the original content here.

There will be a fair amount of content here that never appears on the Morgan Solar News site.  This one will be a little less formal, a little more off-topic and basically, more relaxed.

Except where noted otherwise, all images are either copyrighted images produced by or for Morgan Solar or licenced from Dreamstime.com.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi,
    I’m looking into exhibiting, for the first time, at a solar conference/expo next year. There’s seems to be a few main players; Solar Power 2009, InterSolar and PV America. As a materials manufacturer, with a B-2-B interest, are there any recommendations? Thank you!

  2. I haven’t been to PV America so I couldn’t comment.

    InterSolar North American 2008 was good, although it sort of feels dwarfed by Semicon which happens at the same time – the solar expo was around 1/10 the size of the total expo, but you might be able to leverage a two for one if your materials are applicable outside of Solar. SPI 2008 was excellent and I expect 2009 will be too.

  3. Raul Zagal Ortiz

    Hi Nicholas,
    Fate brought me to your site.. I have long sought for people developing high efficiency PVC with Morgan Solar’s LSO approach!! and then I found you and I also realized your chilean connection! “Life is beautiful” i said..
    I’m a chilean sustainable systems designer and i’m constantly participating in social work with renewable energies and efficient technologies associated. There are many things happening in the neorural sprouting here, ecovillages, open workshops and educational activities! I’m really interested in Morgan’s advances and I would love to be able to access the new cells for experimental purposes so we can advance the implementation of LSO systems in poor zones’ schools and other places were this technology can really help to reduce the costs of solar energy systems implementation.

    I am very happy to have found your venture and congratulations for your work. I hope we can keep in touch. Good luck and regards from this corner of the world

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