This is the Unofficial Morgan Solar blog. If you’re looking for Morgan Solar’s website, you’re close, but not quite there.

Nicolas Morgan

Nicolas Morgan is this blog’s founding author and the VP of Business Development & Marketing at Morgan Solar.

This blog is really a  personal solar energy blog, with a strong Morgan Solar emphasis. Maintaining an unofficial blog lets us talk about more off-topic things like solar politics, the solar industry, other companies and just random stuff.

This blog is mainly a means to connect with other people out there who are interested in the solar industry, and a means of adding something to the conversation.


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  1. I am an applications engineer in the ceramic industry. In the solar world I am particular interested in thermal management. LSO’s are intriguing in that they spread the energy rather than concentrating. Do the optics themselves remove the heat? Would thermal dissipation improve performance of the array? I see where you note that thermal expansion is not a concern. I can see how the configuration would handle thermal expansion for connectivity but not how you would keep the over all system cooled down. The simplicity of your design is quite elegant. As I am a specialty material component supplier I would like to offer any assistance I can in developing this or any future products you may be considering. I see many types of materials and applications. Even if I may not be the supplier, I would be glad to point you in a positive direction. Good luck today and in the future.

  2. Hi Tony, I think you posted a similar comment on the blog at We’re going to be relying on a third party for the ceramic substrates for the III-V cells we’re using for the time being, but might start packaging cells ourselves in a few years. Best of luck.

  3. Hi Nicolas, May I ask who you are using for the ceramic substrates? Thanks!

  4. Tony, email me – happy to talk, but prefer not to talk so directly about business specifics on the blog.

  5. Thanks for the reply.
    Please send me your email contact at
    I believe we may have several items of interest to discuss that could fall under “business specific”. I look forward to a pertinent discussion. Tony

  6. Nicolas:
    I know you are coming to San Francisco before the event next week. Is that possible we meet next Monday or Tuesday any time? Thanks. Zhen

  7. Hi
    I havae 40 ac. site close to Yuma Az. and am thinking of doing a solar
    farm. When your system is on the market what would you project the
    cost and output to be? Thanks Jim

  8. Raul Zagal Ortiz

    participating contanstly in social work with renewable energies and efficient technologies associated. There are many things happening in the neorural sprouting here, ecovillages, open workshops and educational activities! I’m really interested in Morgan’s advances and I would love to be able to access the new cells for experimental purposes so we can advance the implementation of LSO systems in poor zones’ schools and other places were this technology can really help to reduce the costs of solar energy systems implementation.

    I am very happy to have found your venture and congratulations for your work. I hope we can keep in touch. Good luck and regards from this corner of the world

  9. Hello, Mr. Nicolas Morgan:
    After reading your compage webpage, LSO systems are pretty attactive and elegant, but the problems of configuration deformation and electric efficiency decrease due to more heat causing by concentrating must be figured out. I and my previous colleagues in University of Nottingham also strive to increase PV efficiency by using solar concentrating approach, May we have any time to discuss this issue at your convinience. Please email to me via and determine the time for me to visit your company as soon as possible. Victor Qiu in Toronto. Jan.24, 2012.

  10. I want to buy a Morgan solar panel. Where and when can I pick them up in So Cal?

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