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Morgan Solar is Hiring. A lot.

Funny story. At the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery 2011 conference last week, we mentioned to a lot of the graduate students, and others, that Morgan Solar planned to hire half a dozen positions this month.  Many of the students were there because in their university or college programs they had developed their own, fairly cutting-edge renewable technologies. One of these technologies was a working horizontal wind turbine, from George Brown College, whose team won first place in the student competition. Naturally, these are the type of people that you’d want to hire.

Anyways, at one point, a very eager young individual came up to the booth and said, “I hear Morgan Solar is offering jobs. Hi.” It was the way it was said, as if we were giving out jobs like they were a dime-a-dozen conference giveaway. I had to have a laugh, and eventually when I explained why, he did too.

But the fact is, we are hiring a lot this month. In the past two days, I’ve posted 4 jobs to our Careers page, and that’s on top of the Quality Manager position that is the subject of the previous blog post. Here are what we are hiring for:

Edit: We’re happy to say we’ve found excellent candidates to fill all of the below openings. Check www.morgansolar.com/careers for new postings.

1. an Automation Engineer (5+ experience a must, experience with PLC, machine controls also essential)

2. a Manufacturing Engineer (2+ years experience, with good co-op placements taken into consideration as part of this)

3. a Design Engineer (B.Sc. in Mechanical Engingeering/ similar is required, plus 0-10 years in a related position; new grads are welcome to apply)

4. a Materials Scientist/ Materials Engineer (B.Sc. in Materials Science Engineer/ similar, and 2-5 years in a relevant position)

Please spread the word to anyone you think would be good for these jobs. We have a 33-strong, motivated and dynamic team, and look forward to adding more brilliant, hard-wording minds to the mix.


Morgan Solar is hiring a Junior Accountant

We’ve just updated the Careers section of our website with a new opening for a Junior Accountant.

We’ve applied to support the position with a YEP grant – check out the posting or the YEP website for details on eligibility.

Edit: This position has now been filled.  We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who applied.  Please check the careers section of our website regularly for similar position that may come up in the future.

Morgan Solar is hiring

We just updated the Careers section of website with three new positions, and will be posting more very soon. We are currently looking for:

  • Electrical Engineer – Entry level position – Some experience required – Download Job Description.
  • Optical Designer – Experience required – Download Job Description.
  • Senior Manufacturing Manager – Executive/Director level position – Download Job Description.

We’re going to be posting some additional positions soon, so if you’re interested, keep an eye on the Career’s page.

Edit: Thanks to everyone who applied for the elec and optical positions.