Happy 2010 Holidays from Morgan Solar!

Morgan Solar Sun Simba solar panel decorated for Christmas 2010
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year from everyone at Morgan Solar!

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this year – in providing investments or government grants, supplying the materials that go into building the Sun Simba, or coming up to talk with us and share ideas at conferences.

If we could ask one more thing from you in 2010, it would be to comment or give some thumbs on our proposal for a rooftop-mounted Sun Simba system on ClimateSpark. It’s a Toronto-based competition that is offering $10,000 to kickstart new ideas that will improve air quality and reduce GHG emissions in the City. The competition is meant to be a place where investors, experts, and community leaders can criticize (in the good sense) new ideas, strengthening and giving their owners the chance to fine-tune them before they are introduced to the market. Seriously, please evaluate our business plan for the rooftop solution – suggesting any challenges or opportunities we’re missing, and any ways we can accelerate its time to market.

Our office will be closed starting Friday, December 24, and opening back up January 3, 2011. Next year promises to be momentous for us, and we look forward to talking about setting up large-scale solar projects, navigating changing political landscapes, and entering new markets with you on this blog.

All the best!

The Morgan Solar team

P.S: Some easy, interesting reading for the holidays: The New York Times Magazine’s 10th Annual Year in Ideas. Particularly cool: turbine-free, oscillating wind panels; a continuous-movement train with upper pods that disengage and engage at stops; and the long-life-span Smartphone.


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