Innovation Part Deux – a rooftop solution & the market-ready Sun Simba optic

A couple weeks ago we wrote about our thoughts on innovation.  Since then two very exciting, innovation-related things have happened:

1. We’ve decided to develop a tracker that will enable Sun Simba solar modules to be installed on rooftops, something we get calls almost every day asking for, and for a number of other reasons made sense to develop.

If you’d like more details about the Sun Simba Rooftop, we’ve posted a proposal on ClimateSpark, a web-based competition run by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund that aims to link innovative, early stage climate solutions with venture capital. VCs, cleantech experts, and community leaders comment on and rate ideas, and based on their votes nine finalists go on to compete for $10,000 to kickstart their idea. Because all of our funding is tied to commercializing the Sun Simba Ground-Mount, we’re hoping our presence on this forum will accelerate the time-to-market of our rooftop solution.

We encourage you to log on and comment/ make suggestions on our proposal.

2. We’ve finalized the market-ready design of the Sun Simba, a hexagonal optic that saves on materials costs and will be 26 – 28% efficient.

The basic idea of a new, low-profile concentrator was fully embodied in John Paul’s initial 2007 prototype, but it’s neat to see how the idea has been refined over time. Once we have test sites up with Gen 3 optics later in the year, we’ll post some photos.


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