Morgan Solar secures lease option for 25-acre solar facility in Antelope Valley, California

Following on yesterday’s post, more news about Morgan Solar’s plans to bring the Sun Simba technology to California: last night, the Lancaster City Council voted unanimously in favour of leasing 25 acres of City-owned property to MSI (City of Lancaster report here). An initial 200 kW pilot project will be installed at the Lancaster National Soccer Center.  Provided this meets performance metrics and deadlines, an additional 2 to 5 MW will be deployed on adjacent land.

Depending on its size, the larger solar farm will power approximately 500 to 1250  homes, working towards the regional utility’s goal of generating at least 20% of its electricity from renewables by 2017.

We’ll keep this blog updated on the progress of the Lancaster solar farm.

At Stage 1, this plot of land* may be the future home of 2 –  5 MW of Sun Simbas:

* A note on the land: The City of Lancaster has suffered fairly severe droughts in the past years, and so has responded by providing incentives to wind down agricultural activities in certain areas, in order to protect local water supplies. By building a solar farm at the proposed site, we won’t be taking away from otherwise good farmland.


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