Morgan Solar receives California Energy Commission loan

It’s been a little while since posting – lots of activity here – but we’re now thrilled to announce one of the fruits of our efforts:

Governor Schwarzeneggar announced on September 15 that MSI successfully qualified for a $3,305,000 loan from the California Energy Commission’s Clean Energy Business Financing Program.  The loan may be used to purchase manufacturing equipment in the State.

In no way would accepting this loan slow down operations at our Toronto facility.  In fact, we have aggressive ramp up plans for our pilot manufacturing facility here.

A list of the other recipients of CEC loans is available here – we were 1 of 8 awardees, of 43 applicants in total.

California is an example of an ideal market for the Sun Simba: high Direct Normal Irradiation; high electricity demand and prices; and, at this crucial stage, supportive goverment programs – not unlike what has helped MSI get off the ground in Ontario.