Elements of Entrepreneurship: The story

Despite our intention to shift the lens away from Morgan Solar, I think this article, featured in the new web-based magazine Yonge Street, brings out some important points about a topic we wanted to focus on: entrepreneurship.

The article describes the elements that have allowed Morgan Solar to get where it is: the motivation to make affordable, clean electricity, and the technical ideas of how this could be done. Of course, equally important were the market demand, investment capital, and the right government programs.

Yonge Street’s parent company, Issue Media Group, has its own story.  As told by the National Post, it was started in Detroit in 2005 “when a trio of local entrepreneurs got fed up with ceaseless media coverage of murders, factory closings and assorted economic calamity.” All of the Group’s 13 publications focus on “city growth and economic development” in struggling north-eastern U.S. cities like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Michigan, “leaving negative stories to the traditional media.”

Yonge Street, brought to Toronto by Shawn Micallef, a senior editor at Toronto’s Spacing magazine,  launched last month. Its mission is to document the creation of new businesses, projects, and ideas in Toronto, to “focus on the talent, innovation, diversity and quality of life stories in the region.” We’re proud to have ours considered among these.

The Brothers Morgan Yonge Street Magazine Photo

[Photo by Yonge Street]

* Note: The article states that we have convinced the Ontario Government to modify their domestic content rules for our technology. This is not the case. We are currently consulting with the government to determine how Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) panels will fit under the domestic content framework, and this consultation is ongoing.  We failed to accurately communicate this to Piali; it was our error.


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