Morgan Solar is hiring

We just updated the Careers section of website with three new positions, and will be posting more very soon. We are currently looking for:

  • Electrical Engineer – Entry level position – Some experience required – Download Job Description.
  • Optical Designer – Experience required – Download Job Description.
  • Senior Manufacturing Manager – Executive/Director level position – Download Job Description.

We’re going to be posting some additional positions soon, so if you’re interested, keep an eye on the Career’s page.

Edit: Thanks to everyone who applied for the elec and optical positions.


4 responses to “Morgan Solar is hiring

  1. “Entry level position – Some experience required”

    – so it’s NOT Entry-Level then?!?!

  2. People right out of school can apply. If you’ve never done a co-op work term or any projects you’d like to mention, you’re going to have a hard time competing with the applicants that have.

    So yes, entry level, some experience required.

  3. Great to see you moving forward!
    Dr. Barksdale and I are in Imperial County CA. doing our dog and pony show for 244mW RFP.
    I hope to be pushing Morgan soon.
    Keep in touch. Hope all goes well with NREL.

  4. i applied. let’s see if i get chance to discuss my skills.. i’ve been following this blog for long time now :). recently graduated from Mc with degree in manufacturing engineering.. but worked full time and gained 3 years of work experience in maintenance, project coordination, assembly and testing in aerospace, electronics and automotive industries..