More Good News for Ontario Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy World just published a well written article about the proposed Ontario Green Energy Act.  I was quoted a couple of times, and enjoyed the article as a whole, although it’s still strange to see what was a 30 to 40 minute conversation condensed into a few sentences.  I’ve linked to co-author Jon Warren‘s blog before, and I agree with most of what he has to say.

I’ve written in support of the Green Energy Act already, but this is fairly thorough treatment of what this act will specifically mean for renewable energy companies in Ontario.  Definitely worth a read.  Jon doesn’t say too much about some of the other advantages that Ontario has right now for renewable energy ventures.  First off, the Ontario Green Energy Act, and the Clean Tech Investment Fund are just the tip of the iceberg for government funding opportunities in Ontario, and many of the other funds are cozying up to Green companies as well.  Add to that federal government programs like the SR&ED and IRAP, along with the SDTC, and local support, funding and research collaboration from groups like OCETA, OCE and even start-up support from the MaRS DD, and basically it’s not just renewable energy companies, but renewable energy innovators and entrepreneurs that are getting the love.

SR&ED is a great example – you get a direct cash reimbursement of up to 35% of research expenses up to $2 Million, and %20 on excess amounts.  It’s not specifically a renewable incentive, but ANY company no matter how small that’s actually doing research can qualify.  Basically, there are good incentives at the Federal level, and Ontario is upping the ante.  Throw in all that under-utilized automotive infrastructure and I guarantee you that there will be more than a few clean tech success stories in Ontario.  Will Ontario be the next Germany?  In the sense of being a solar energy success story, sure.

One small clarification, the photo of a solar panel installation is credited to Morgan Solar, and it’s not emphasized that we took the photo, but the panel pictured is not ours.  That photo were taken by our engineers on a day where we were helping some people from the Toronto Atmospheric Fund run some tests on the PV array installed on the Automotive Building at Exhibition Place.  They needed to take some measurements, and we happened to have the gear required to do it, so we lent a hand.


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