Solar Notes 1-Apr-09

It’s been an incredibly busy week, but here are a couple of things worth noting:

  • Tyler Hamilton just noted on his blog a labour survey predicting a doubling of solar jobs in Ontario.  Good news, link to the survey in his post.
  • Greentech Media reports that California is thinking of following Ontario’s lead on Feed-in tariffs.  I would if I were them.  How embarrassing would it be for the US South West to be the second best place in North America to build a solar farm?  Seriously though, with the federal Investment Tax Credit and a well designed feed-in tariff, solar farms would basically be licences to print money.
  • The Green Wombat caught this story: Google is going to map green energy zones.  What that means is they’re going to incorporate data like insolation, wind resource and other renewable energy data into Google Earth.  Trust me, this is very, very cool.  (I’ll discuss it in more detail in a future post.)

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