Photos and 2009 Ontario Budget

We’ve uploaded a few new pics to our Flickr page, mostly updated images of the Sun Simba and some other prototype images. This one is my favourite:

Simba Prototype - PIII

Third Generation Sun Simba HCPV Prototype - Much more advanced prototypes coming soon.

Also, the new Provincial Budget just came out.  Some of the Infrastructure investments, “Growing the Green Economy” measures and Innovation and Manufacturing measures seem good, but it’s to really tell how some of these measures will play out.  Fingers crossed.  The budget overview is online, and I’m especially interested in the various Jobs of Tomorrow investments, the improvements in electrical transmission capacity and the smart grid investments (along with the FIT Rates).


One response to “Photos and 2009 Ontario Budget

  1. Here is the Green Party of Ontario’s response to those items in the budget:

    Also the Youth Coalition for a Renewable Ontario blog is here: