American for a day

As I listened to what Obama’s inaugural address, I found myself alternating between listening to the specific things he was saying, and thinking about his overall message and what people might take from it.  To the specifics, he did specifically mention energy policy changes, harnessing the sun and seems committed to renewables.  Great news.

But the overall message does seem more important – the problems, challenges and responsibilities that people, companies and nations had yesterday are going to still be there tomorrow, but that we can rise to meet them.  Real hope.  Powerful stuff.  The contrast between that and anything our current leadership here in Canada might have to say is striking.

In Canada, we prefer our politicians to be safe and boring, and usually it works for us – we avoid leaders like Bush, but it seems we lose out on the Obamas too.  Food for thought.

2009 is going to be a good year.  Peace everyone.


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