CanSIA Day One

CanSIA Conference 2008

Well, since this thing starts at 7:00AM (there’s a special place in hell for early risers) I’ll be brief. I’ll be at the show and at the booth from 7:00AM (ish) to 8:30AMish, and then back probably from 10 – 2. In the afternoon, something like 4 to closing seems reasonable. Should be interesting, and if I have time, I’ll add updates to this post from the show.

Edit 1 – Slow start, had to duck out for a meeting, but had an interesting conversation with Dr. John MacDonald from Day4. I’ve seen him speak before, and it was a heck of an honour to speak with him. He loved our project too. I’ll be back at the show at around 10:30 this morning.


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