Goals and Giving

A journalist asked me what our long term goals where here at Morgan Solar and answering him was a nice reminder.  We want to develop something amazing, build it into something really valuable and once it’s established, we want to go to places like Africa and do business there.  We don’t want to give anyone anything, we want to create the means to build up a really profitable solar energy business, and we want to make that possible anywhere. And we’re not alone, Morgan Solar is going to be a small part of a very large and powerful movement.

Although we don’t want to be a charity, we will eventually work with them. Since “tis the Season”, a couple of quick thoughts on charities and charitable groups.

First off, I love this project.  A group here in Canada called One More Step (and I know one of these guys) will provide a specific orphanage in Vietnam with the things people buy in their little online shop.  I’m buying a soccer ball, a mosquito net and some powdered milk.

One More Step

Also, there’s Kiva, my personal favourite way of helping people.  It’s not a charity in the normal sense, you don’t give people money.  You loan people money on a micro-credit system so they can invest it to improve their lives.  Over 98% of the loans are paid back in full (trying finding a bank right now that can claim that) and the lives of the people involved are improved in so many ways.  I’ve loaned out just over $100 so far, $50 of which was already repaid and I re-loaned.  If you don’t have at least $25 invested in Kiva… why the hell not?  Go, now.  Seriously.  Go.  Stop reading.

Kiva - loans that change lives


One response to “Goals and Giving

  1. I commend you for your goals for your company. Kiva is indeed a wonderful way to help people. I have $100 invested in it as well, with some of that also having been paid back and re-invested. The other organization you mentioned appears to be commendable as well.

    – Schev