Meetings, meetings, meetings

Seems like it’s back to back meetings for the rest of this week, CanSIA Show and then some travel next week, and then another week of back to back meetings.  At least we’re going to be in Spain over Xmas, which will be nice, some relaxing sit down strategy sessions with John Paul and my dad, and by January things should have calmed down.

On another note, I thought the CanSIA Solar Conference had an expo only price and it doesn’t seem to – they want to charge people a full $500 conference pass, even if all you want to do is walk around the booths.  Doesn’t make sense to me at all, at the Solar Power International 2008 Conference you could get a discounted “expo only” pass, and on Wednesday they opened the doors to the public – a much better system I think.


2 responses to “Meetings, meetings, meetings

  1. Elizabeth McDonald

    The Solar Power show is the US has a few years on CanSIA – but each year we make things work better. There are security and venue issues which will also mean higher costs for exhbitors – not something that appeals to all of our members. But, next year, we will increase acess…and I am sure you will agree that we did what we could to accomodate you.

    Elizabeth McDonald
    Executive Director

  2. Actually, I posted that before I spoke to you, and should have edited the comment. The format of the show was also completely different and there definitely was more of an opportunity to interact with the other exhibitors and with the presenters and attendees. Not having a non-stop crush of people was a welcome change and allowed for more networking and tangential conversation, as well as longer conversations in a more relaxed environment.