The Daily Show and Other Notes

For those who missed it, last week The Daily Show with John Stewart did quite a few segments on alternative energy and had T. Boone Pickens and Thomas Friedman on the show. (Links to the segments at the bottom of the post.) Talk about alternative energy going mainstream.  If we can get Colbert on board, we’ve won.

Time to drop the “alternative” from alternative energy me thinks.

On another note, Spain is nice, although I realize that maybe I’m working too much lately. I took my parent’s dog for a walk yesterday, looked around at the beautiful blue sky sunny day and thought, “Wow, look at all that great DNI.” Perhaps not a sign of a balanced life.  (DNI – Direct Normal Irradiance, meaning direct sunlight, as opposed to diffuse scattered light.)

If you see this and think, "Wow, great solar resource.", you have a problem.

Great solar resource, but also a beautiful sunny day.

Oh well, here are the videos (US links work internationally):

Interview with T. Boon Pickens – US link Canada Link

Interview with Thomas Friedman – US link Canada Link


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