Great Media Coverage Today

I got stuck in traffic on the way to work this morning and didn’t get here until 8:55AM this morning. By the time I arrived, I’d received 9 emails following up or congratulating us on our coverage in the Toronto Star: A ray of sunshine for solar energy. (Front page of the Business section!)

I’d been reading Clean Break, Tyler Hamilton’s blog, for a while, and I’d caught his articles in the Star so when he emailed me to talk about an article I was pretty excited. He came down to our office for a couple of hours, we laid our cards on the table and wondered what someone on the outside looking in would think. We really couldn’t be happier with the article – the photos, the images… really everything. If you get the chance, read the paper version, there are two images that aren’t on the website, and it’s just damn cool to be on the front page of the business section.

One note – I told Tyler Hamilton that John Paul broke the JDS Uniphase record for most inventions in his first year. That was based on a half remembered conversation JP and I had years ago, and I’d never double checked the facts. Turns out… not so much. (I’ve told that to a few other people too, so sorry folks, big brother pride got the better of me.) He was a rock-star engineer at JDS and he did invent something that went to market on his second day, but he doesn’t even know if they keep records of “Most inventions”. His words:

I am so pleased that Tyler Hamilton decided to write this article. It’s a bit humbling to see what you are trying to do through the eyes of a journalist, especially a Clean Tech enthusiast and expert like him. However, there was one compliment that I need to decline: while I did invent something on my second day working at JDS, I didn’t set any records that I know of. My time at JDS was excellent, the Exploratory Research Group is a great team, and I got to work with really smart people like Paul Colbourne, Oleg Bouevitch and Barry Keyworth, and I would like to say that I am honoured to have known them.

I really liked the mention in the article about our table made out of a door we found in the back alley and the improvised whiteboard made out of shower liner. Here’s a shot of our father, our main investor and our strategic leader – Eric Morgan, sitting at a $20 Craigslist desk, with a chalk board painted on the wall behind him.

Eric Morgan at the Morgan Solar Office

Eric Morgan at the Morgan Solar Office

One potential investor commented on entering our office, “Well, at least I know you wouldn’t be wasting my money on rent.” For some strange reason, we’re proud of that comment.

On another note, we were also mentioned in an article titled Shedding light on solar cell technology on the website The article wasn’t about us, but rather about companies coming up with innovative ways to reduce the cost of solar energy. Still, cool to see us mentioned in that context.

Final note, if you’re a Digg user, digg the Toronto Star article up:



One response to “Great Media Coverage Today

  1. Congrats Morgan SOLAR!

    Like I mentioned a while ago. I am a big fan of what you guys are doing over at MS. I opened the paper about an hour ago. Only to see the great coverage you guys got on the business section.

    And to earn the praise of the CTO of Upper Canada Solar Generation is simply amazing! Its about time someone gave MS some significant media exposure. You guys are getting more and more coverage and I am sure once the results of your prototypes come back, you’ll have a great platform in which to launch your products!

    Keep up the good work guys!!