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There was just a short article about us in Corporate Knights “Clean Tech 10” issue.  Corporate Knights is a magazine that focuses on responsible business, and is included once a month in the Globe and Mail (one of Canada’s main national newspapers).  It’s quite an honour and we were pretty excited to hear that it came out.  We didn’t know the release date in advance, so we missed the paper copy, so if anyone has one, please, give me a call and let me know.  I’d love to have a copy here in the office.

For those interested, you can download their Clean Tech 10 report as a pdf, our little blurb is on page six.

Unfortunately, I spoke with the journalist for only a few minutes, and I may have confused her with two minor details.  We spoke about the Sun Simba HCPV, and some future projects that we’ve developed prototypes for but are not focused on right now.  What may have led to some confusion is that perhaps I didn’t properly communicate that there were three separate products.

So, just for clarification, the Sun Simba HCPV DOES require tracking, and the Sun Block Panel and Sun Stream Window don’t.  Also, they quote me in the article as follows:

“[The panels] are designed to accept light at angles—so you don’t need lifts or you don’t need to put them on a flat roof,” says Nicolas Morgan, Director of Business Development.  “That flexibility lets [builders and architects] put them in place in more places, where they otherwise maybe wouldn’t consider a solar panel.”

We didn’t have time to come back to that, so it’s easy to understand why she understood me to mean that the panels themselves were flexible.  What I meant was that they were flexible in where they could be installed.  (I’ll use the word versatile next time.)

Still, despite that small misunderstanding, it was exciting to be included in their coverage and we’re looking forward to talking to them in the future as our projects advance.  And I’ll say it again, if anyone has a paper copy they can send me, please, let me know.


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  1. We’re linking to this blog entry on the Corporate Knights website so that the clarifications are clear. My apologies for the confusion, and congratulations to Morgan Solar!
    -Melissa Shin, Managing Editor, Corporate Knights

  2. Thanks for the link and thanks for the mention!