Some Pics

This is Keith and Phil testing some PV cells. The pictures just look really cool.

Keith and Phil testing cells

Keith and Phil testing PV cells

Here’s another one…

Keith testing PV cells

Keith testing PV cells

Also, here’s a pic of some of the aluminum frames for the first Simba Prototype.  For the prototype we’re not using the Aluminum “H” extrusions since those are going to be manufactured specifically for the production Simba.  These are off the shelf aluminum parts for the prototype, although it’s just the aluminum frame, so it doesn’t change anything.

We’ll be posting some important details on the differences between the prototype and the final production system in a week or so.

Simba Prototype Components

Simba Prototype Components


2 responses to “Some Pics

  1. The web site given is called the 150 (+) list of solar startups, some looking for VC. You might want to add your company name to this recent Blog. I attended the city Solar Neighbourhoods initiative last week with an interest in doing eco and solar audits if the city expands the WARD 30 program (Arise-again) to the rest of the city this summer of 2009. Supporting Canadian companies.

    • Hi David. Thanks for the tip, but we’re on the list under the CPV companies, and were included in the original article that led to this list. Greentech Media was actually one of the first major environmental news sources that recognized and reported on us, starting with two article by Jennifer Kho (who is sadly no longer there).

      Thanks for the tip.