Sun Simba HCPV on Greentech Media

There’s a really great article on the Sun Simba HCPV up on Greentech Media. They cover the basics of what makes it such a great system, they explain the advantages of the thinness and the staggered rows, and have a great photo gallery at the end of the article.  If you’re at all interested in what we’re doing over here, you should check it out.

We’ll be posting a full product page for the Simba this week as well.  Exciting stuff.  One image they posted that hasn’t appeared on our website yet is this one:

Sun Simba HCPV Cut-away

Sun Simba HCPV Cut-away

This shows a cross section of a Sun Simba HCPV panel set in a row, with the aluminum “H” included.  The optics look a little thicker in this image than they are in reality, and this is the 1000+ suns concentration configuration with the broader triangle optic.  You can also make out the tiny cell receiver assembly inlcuding visible through the optic.  I think this really emphasizes the thinness and low profile of the panel.


4 responses to “Sun Simba HCPV on Greentech Media

  1. I’m a big fan of the elegance of your design: use of lightweight and affordable acrylic optics; H-frame providing structural form and heat dissipation; staggered rows for wind-load reduction and improved heat dissipation.

    Will you reveal how the optics reflect sunlight and how sensitive the system is to tracker error and diffusion of light?

    As a side, who/what are you using for your computational fluid dynamics? I’m in Toronto and have been looking for a good CFD service provider.

  2. Hi Tomi. Thanks for the comments, we’re pretty happy with the design ourselves. We’re not planning on revealing how the optics work – we don’t see any good reason to, so we’re keeping quiet for now.

    The tracker error is around 1.5 degrees, but we’re designing everything for 1 degree.

    As for the CFD, we’re doing that in house right now, but you might find some people through the Ontario Centres of Excellence. They work with many really talented grad students – so they might know someone. Alternatively, OCETA might offer some CFD services.

    Good luck.

  3. Hi,

    I’m a big fan too. I actually discovered your Company Morgan Solar after you added my blog to your Blogroll…. -:) I did the same for you.

    But I love the technology. It seems to be simple and effective to bring the costs down. The most important thing so the panels can be available for the public at reasonable price. I wish you good luck and I’ll definetly stay tuned… -:)

  4. Thanks Vladan. I like your blog and thanks for linking back.