Back from hiatus

Hi everyone, sorry for the posting hiatus, but things have been insane around here.  For the next couple of weeks there will be semi-regular posts here, but for now it’s just a brief note hello and a couple of updates.



The Earth Rangers Centre Demo Site

Everything is on track for this, and right now it looks like the first panels will be installed in the third week of September, with the remainder of the panels in place by second or third week of October.  We’ve already received the tracker and had it delivered to the site, and we’re waiting on the delivery of the first batch of prototype optics from our provider and we’re all set for the assembly process.  The installed has been booked and we’ll be mounting the tracker in a few weeks.  Exciting stuff for us.  We’ll be putting pictures here as soon as they’re available.

Solar Power International 2008

We’ve finalized our booth plan and we’re going be to showing a prototype of our Sun Block solar wall system (more details on that later) and a small version of the Sun Simba HCPV.  Should be pretty cool.

Sun Simba HCPV Details

We’re waiting on the go ahead from the lawyers regarding our patents, but in a week or two we’ll be publishing details on the Sun Simba HCPV system.  We’ve shown it to a couple of people in confidence, and people are pretty impressed.

That’s it for now.


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