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Great long weekend, and we’re going to be having an interesting week.  More on that later, I assure you.

The announcement I mentioned on Friday is still on track, but I want to have everything sorted before saying anything, so it’ll be a little later this week, Thursday probably.  It’s pretty cool though.  For now I wanted to comment on a couple of goings on in the solar industry:

We simply cannot pretend, as Senator McCain does, that we can drill our way out of this problem. We need a much bolder and much bigger set of solutions. We have to make a serious, nationwide commitment to developing new sources of energy and we have to do it right away.

Sadly, he also says:

Now, increased domestic oil exploration certainly has its place as we make our economy more fuel-efficient and transition to other, renewable, American-made sources of energy.

At least he pledges to extend the ITC.

Obama On Energy


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  1. 10yearchallenge

    I, too, was disappointed that Obama is supporting more oil drilling. Drilling leads to usage which leads to more carbon output, which is clearly not good. He’s way better than McCain on this issue, but I am not pleased by this softening of position.