Goodbye World!

Posted by: Nicole Telidis

Nicole Telidis

Nicole Telidis

After 3 months, today marks my last day as the “summer intern” at Morgan Solar. From now on, I’m in chill mode until I have to hit the books again in September. Here is a brief summary about my experiences here.

Taking this position was a bit of a risk because there was no set job description. It was also a risk for Morgan Solar – I was straight out of second year physics with no real technical skills or job experience (besides working at various bakeries and cafes). When I accepted the job, I was under the impression that I was going to be “testing the solar panels”, and it was only until later that I realized there were no solar panels and there weren’t going to be any in the 3 months that I was to work here. Instead, I primarily slugged through research articles and investigated different tangents of solar chemistry – from solar hydrogen production to solar carbon nanotube synthesis.

And while learning about hydrogen and nanotubes was educational, perhaps the most valuable and interesting part of the job was just sitting in the office. I eavesdropped on all the conversations (sorry guys, it’s a small office) and absorbed all the successes and challenges that a start up solar company faces. I learned about the solar energy world, and in the future, I’ll be happy to contribute to this exciting area.

One thing that I should tell you, is that Morgan Solar is a warm and welcoming company, and not just because you eventually get to know most of the Morgan family. On sunny days, we have engineering meetings in the park over a game of frisbee. The office here is small (not too small), and though everyone is absorbed in work, it’s a casual, fun and youthful atmosphere.

So thank you John Paul, Nic, Jen, Phil, Seb and Keith. It’s been great.

Though I’m done working here officially, I’ll keep posting on the blog whenever a good idea strikes me.


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