Announcement Next Week


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We’ve had an interesting week on many levels, but the biggest item is that we’ve finalized the location and host for our demonstration site for the Sun Simba HCPV and it’s WAY cooler than we were originally planning.  Basically, the demonstration site is perfect in just about every way it could be, and we’re going to be mounting the tracker in mid September.  So, we’re going to sort out the last details and we’ll be announcing it next week.

We’re pretty excited, not only is the spot itself cool, but we’ll be able to monitor the output from the panel and the electricity we generate will go to a good cause.  So, announcement next week, but we’re excited.

For Ontarians, have a great long weekend, for the rest of you out there, enjoy the regular weekend.

Also, we’ll miss you Nicole!  Thanks for the work this summer and we hope you enjoyed working here.


2 responses to “Announcement Next Week

  1. I have $20K set aside to install solar on my home. If I send $10,000 to Morgan Solar will you ship me 40 of the 500 Watt Panels. I noticed a statement where you can make for approximately $100 per 500 Watts vs $400.00 per 500 watt conventional. This would give me 20KW peak and I can go off-grid. I will do the install myself and purchase the required tie in equipment with the remaining $10K

  2. Unfortunately, we’re not in production yet, just the prototype stage, and the panels we’re announcing right now are designed for solar farms and require dual axis tracking to be useful. We’re not expecting to ship panels until around this time next year.