Solar Calculators

Posted by: Nicole Telidis



A free online solar calculator is a useful resource for anyone who wants to install a photovoltaic system.

The calculator by PVWATTS is the only one I could find which has international data. It tells you how much AC energy generation and money savings your solar installation will give you based on your location and system. It’s a useful, to the point calculator but chances are that if you want to draw any more conclusions, you’ll have to pull out your own calculator – solar powered or not.

A more comprehensive one, by Kyocera gives a good analysis of costs and savings as a result of your photovoltaic system, and also includes savings from incentives. However, it only applies to the U.S.

This google powered map by FirstLook gives you solar irradiation and wind data for any location in the U.S.

If anyone knows of any other neat solar calculators please post the link!


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