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Green Collar Jobs

So, a little more on Green Jobs.  A couple of people emailed me to thank me for posting a couple of Green Job alerts.  I started doing these because I felt bad when people would call me asking me for a job, and we’re at least a few months away from being able to hire anyone.  Originally, I would email people individually when I caught a green job opportunity, but this seems like a better way to get the word out.

Good Work, a green jobs site in association with Planet Friendly has a number of new green job listings, including three full time positions in Toronto that were posted today.  There are 50 listings posted since July 18th, and they run the gamut from paid internships and warehouse work at Green companies, to project managers and scientists.  Definitely an excellent resource for people seeking green jobs.  (They have listings for positions all over, Canada and the USA, not just Toronto.)

Eco Canada (registration required, but no fees that I could see) also has some new jobs up, but they seem to have a little less “warehouse” and a little more manager, consultant and scientist type positions.

Work Cabin has more, and they have a “Job Alerts” email sign up on the front page.

Sadly, Monstertrak‘s green jobs portal appears to be down (I can’t find it anyway), but has a good Green Jobs section with a more American and International bent to it.

I have no connection to any of these sites, and I’ve never used their services, but if anyone tries any of them out – let me know what you thought.  Also, recommend more green job sites, and good luck to you green job seekers.

Edit:  Oops, I wanted to include this site too, has a green jobs section as well.  This site is growing, and sometimes tries to be too many things, but it’s a good site and worth checking out.  (US centric.)


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