Sun Simba HCPV Early Details



We’re pretty close to releasing the full specifications and images for the Sun Simba HCPV system, and will be uploading images here and on the website fairly soon.  We’re putting together the final details of the spec sheet right now, and are looking forward to having the working demonstration system available in September.

The Sun Simba HCPV is based on the best implementation of the Light-guide Solar Optic (LSO), which is described in high-level detail the technology section of our website.  It’s a pretty amazing system.

Some of the key advantages of the Sun Simba HCPV:

  • Low cost – We’ll definitely be able to sell our panels at a significantly lower cost than most other CPV systems on the market.  Reasons:
    • We use very few materials compared to other systems – less material equals lower weight and less cost.
    • Our manufacturing processes are extremely simple and can be 100% automated.
  • Low profile – The LSO allows us to build a panel that is only 3cm (<1 inches) thick.
  • Low Wind Load – We have a simple innovation that allows for lower wind loading on the panel, even when in full wind facing position.
    • Combined with the low weight and low profile of the system, this leads to additional savings in the tracker.
  • No Overheating – We don’t have any overheating issues, not that we’ve found ways to deal with overheating, our system doesn’t overheat.
  • No Thermal Expansion Problems – We don’t have any thermal expansion issues, our system expands evenly, with no thermal misalignments.
  • High Concentration – Our concentrator technology very easily scales up to 1400 suns concentration in the current implementation, and with modifications can achieve up to 5000 suns concentration (which we’re considering for solar chemistry and other super high temperature industrial applications).
  • High Efficiency – There is an absolute minimum of sun exposed surface that isn’t capturing light, and very few losses in the optics, so the system functions at near the theoretical limits of efficiency for CPV systems.
  • Unique – We don’t use lenses or reflectors – our system is unique so our advantages can’t easily be replicated in other systems.

We’re a couple of weeks away from being able to go into more details, and are arranging renderings right now so expect to hear more about this soon.


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  1. Thanks! I checked it out, you’re right, very cool.