Sun Simba HCPV Project Update

Morgan Solar Projects


This week, a couple of people have asked why there’s not much on the website about our actual products. There will be, and soon too. But there are a couple of reasons we’re being vague.

First off, the reason we’re not formally announcing anything concrete or specific yet is that we’re sorting out some final patent details that inform the best implementations of our technology and we don’t want to get too specific until we have it completely sorted. We expect to be able to publicly talk in detail about what we’re doing in a month or two, possibly sooner. We’re preparing press releases as well as spec sheets and other materials in the meantime.

Second, we’ve ordered the optics, but these things take time and we expect to have working demonstration systems in place by some time in September or October. Having these working demonstration systems has always been part of our strategy – we’re going to make some very bold claims and having the evidence to back them up is part of our approach. We have proof of concept prototypes of course, but these demonstration systems will actually be installed and generating power, which is a key difference.

So, we’re going to have all the intellectual property stuff sorted soon, and definitely before the demos go live, and then, when we’re a little closer to having the demo systems installed, we’ll really start promoting our innovations


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