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Ok, so Web 2.0… we have a Flickr photostream, a Youtube Channel, Netvibes Public Feeds and of course this blog.  We’re also looking at eventually implementing other Web 2.0 stuff including possibly joining various green social networks and other online collaboration tools.  So, basically, we’re on the web and we’re trying to connect.

But Morgan Solar is a solar power company, not a web company, so why bother?  Well web and Web 2.0 aren’t exactly the same thing, the web is an information resource – full of brochures, encyclopedias and reference material.  2.0 is about people connecting to each other and user generated content – which is a fancy way of saying people talking to other people.  It’s weird that talking to each other is this big innovation, but after a century of the media talking and us, the audience, listening, it’s a new idea for us to become the media and talk to each other.

So, why 2.0?  First, this stuff is cool.  It’s a way to connect with other people, see what people out there are talking about and join the conversation.  (And let’s face it, a way to get ourselves and our name out there by doing more than just advertising/spamming.  So, it’s an effective marketing technique.)

Second, writing this blog, even for a week has forced me to focus even more on the news that pops up in my readers.  I’ve been very plugged into the world of solar, but if I’m going to report on it, I need to really focus.

Third, we’re hoping that we learn something new.

If, after Solar Power 2008 in San Diego, we feel that we’re not really getting anything really valuable out of all of this, if we don’t really feel like we’ve been successful in connecting with anyone out there… then we’ll stop.  But my feeling is that that won’t happen.  For now it’s just a feeling, but we’ll see.  In the meantime, those of you reading this, thanks.  Leave me a message, link to me or send our link to someone who might be interested.

We’re out on the web, and you’ll discover, you can’t hide from solar energy for long.

Hiding from Solar

Hiding from Solar


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