Coming soon

So, I’ve had a few people (well… two, but I just launched this blog and it’s not even a week old) ask about Blog roll, links, RSS and a few other things. When the site launched there was a learning curve, but it looks like all the normal goodies are coming soon – by weeks end I hope. I’m looking forward to only having to worry about content for this thing.

Oh, and next week posting might be erratic as I’ll be at Intersolar North America 2008.  I’ll be blogging about the conference, but haven’t figured out my schedule yet.  Also, I’ve been prepping some solar politics posts, so widget goodness, conference news and solar politics – should be fun.

Power Lines at Dawn, Coming Soon

Coming soon.


3 responses to “Coming soon

  1. Valentin Moreno

    Hi Nic, dont be worry, we are only 2 people asking for the RSS but not too long i am sure that visitors will be too much increased!!

    Regards from Spain!

  2. Great idea! We will be following your news, from Chile.

  3. Gracias Valentin y Felipe. Si tenemos tiempo, voy a hablar con Sebastian para empezar hacer el blog en español tambien. Vamos a ver si podemos. (Translation – Thanks guys. If we have time, we’ll see if Sebastian can start replicating the blog posts in Spanish.)