Cool Solar

Solar energy – using the sun to fight global warming. That’s just too awesome for words. Because solar energy is basically the awesomest (it’s a word) thing, here are some cool solar tidbits I found this week.

  • That’s just classyKyocera Donates Solar Panels to Primary Schools in Tanzania– Good work guys.
  • Pretty cool Prius To Get Solar Panels.  Seems like a no brainer really.  I prefer to bike, but hey, it’s still cool.
  • Two kinds of Awesome – Basically if you take the seventh coolest thing ever, solar power and combine it with the ninteenth coolest thing ever, blimps, you get 200 mph solar-powered flying turtles and Goodyear coming to the rescue during disasters.  Solar blimps are officially the third coolest thing ever and I want, nay demand, to live in a world where solar blimps are everywhere.
  • And finally, the coolest thing this week – With oil over $140, GM realized that people aren’t quite so excited about their cars right now, so they decided to do something pretty freaking remarkable.  They’re installing the world’s biggest rooftop solar installation.  It’s not enough to make me want to buy a 2008 Hummer H2 SUV which gets a whopping 11 to 12 mpg.  Still, they make the biggest car, it seems logical they should install the biggest solar array – either way, it’s pretty damn cool.


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