Solar Industry Countdown

I’ll offer up a sample of what’s happening in the solar industry every week, if you catch an article that you think is solar-newsworthy, send it my way.

Significant numbers and events in the solar industry for the week of July 4, 2008.

  • $148 Billion – Worldwide cleantech investments in 2007 according to a report by the U.N. Environment Program. From Greentech Media:
  • Wind-energy projects received the most money in 2007, getting $50 billion, a 40 percent spike from 2006, according to the report. But solar investments grew the fastest, increasing 90 percent to $28 billion.

  • $10 Billion – The amount the DOE has announced in loan guarantees for renewables. (Source Renewable Energy World)
  • $3.59 billion – Amount of investment in PV plants in Spain this year alone, from Reuters:
  • Lending to Spanish photovoltaic plants has risen to $3.59 billion in the year to date from $230.9 million in 2007 and $192.44 million in 2006, according to Reuters Loan Pricing Corp data.

  • 4 and 52000 – The number of New Mexico electrical utilities partnering on a major solar power installation, and the number of homes the new plant will power. (Source United Press International)
  • 2400 – The number of new solar jobs in Nevada (1400) according to Cleantechnia and Michigan (1000) according to the Ann Arbor Business Review. Green-collar jobs are out pacing regular job growth, forecast to increase, can’t be exported, pay well and offer more job security too, so kudos
  • Complete 180 – A good description of the US Bureau of Land Management’s decision to reverse their bone-headed two year moratorium on new solar development on public land. (Many sources including Treehugger.)


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