Hello World!

Ok, so, this is the first post for the Morgan Solar blog.  We’re a solar energy start up in Toronto, ON, and we’re launching this blog in the hopes of connecting with people interested in solar energy and “Green” start-ups.  There are things we want to talk about and information we want to share, and we’re hoping that people to come to us with the same.

A few specifics – we’re in the final stages of developing our market ready prototypes, and will be unveiling them in September, in time to show them off at Solar Power 2008 conference in San Diego.  We’re going to be running this blog between now and the conference figure out who we can connect with and whether a blog is a good communication tool for us.

We don’t have much in the way of product details yet, but that will change soon – we’re sorting out a few last minute IP issues and then we’ll be putting up lots of details and specs.  We’re a few weeks away from publishing the specifications on our flagship product – the Sun Simba HCPV – a totally different type of Concentrated Photovoltaic system.Once the specs are available we’d be interested in hearing people’s feedback.

However, the main thrust of this blog will be to connect with people, talk about solar, start ups and green energy.

We’re allowing comments for now, but this is a company blog, so we’re being a little on the cautious side there – check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use if you have a question about that.  Anything else, ask us.

This is us:

Us in our office


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